This will the host of many of my stories that i have, others are welcomed to add there stories and comment on mine.
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 Rules of the RP

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Sakuya Tanimoto
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Rules of the RP Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the RP   Rules of the RP I_icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 11:59 am

1. Members who hold important positions (eg. Guild leaders, ten greats Sages, Dragon slayer) and who are not online for a week or more, without letting the admin know will lose their status.

2. Actions performed by the mods can be argued with the admin.

3. There must be no rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or flaming attacks to admins.

4. Common sense people only post in one topic at a time. You can't be in two places at once and if you can please make sure the staff knows and has approved of it before you run around everywhere.

5.No drama in the chat. I don't want to see people talking about a death or how they god-modded on the chat. If you have to talk about it send a Pm to a staff member, who will look it over.

6.No talking bad to people on the chat box over fights. Especially ones that don't concern the other people on the chat directly.

7. The person's character must act exactly like he/she described him/her/it when they submitted the profile.

8. You cannot just kill another character just like that, be detailed - phrases like "I Stabbed him through the chest and blood gushed everywhere" will be ignored and deleted.

9. If a player does not respond to an attack within 48 hours that attack is landed in whatever way the attack describes. This rule is excluded if an absence was posted before this.

10. You cannot describe other character's actions.

11. If a member wasn't on the forum for 2 days, it's allowed to described his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she is with, also your allowed to control his actions in battle if he/she isn't available.

12. Don't go creating a god, if you can be perfect, then what's the point of having a character development?

13. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post.

14. Play logically - If your character can't clone him/her, he/she cannot be in two places at the same time

15. Be patient. Not everyone can sit on the computer all day - wait for other characters to reply.

16. People are allowed to sub-group, just because you follow the guardians, doesn't mean you have to treat them as your king.

17. All types of scenes of death, gore, blood are allowed on this forum. Romantic situations and things of that matter, even though it will be an action RP, off plot side stories are more than welcomed.

!8. Dragon Slayers we be given upon request and there will only be 6 real dragon slayers. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood, Steel. The Dragon slayer with Lacrima will be more abundant but still at a minimal amount.
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Rules of the RP
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